The Campbell Prediction System

A Wildland Fire Prediction and Communication System

Fourth Edition

Author Doug Campbell

Cover Photo
Bob Becker

Bruce Schubert

Revision History
First Edition, 1991
Second Edition, 1998
Third Edition, 2005


Copyright © 2016 Doug Campbell.
All rights reserved.
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2 thoughts on “The Campbell Prediction System

  1. Thom
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your use of CPS as you fought wildland fires.
    We can talk via Phone so please give me a call @ xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    I was the El Cariso Supe. in 1961 & 1962 so I do not know what the crew did in 66.
    I did put a book together, one original, that I still have in my file. I had no experience running a crew of 36 people.
    I learned a lot in those years. I look forward to talking with you or even a one on one visit would be great!
    Best Regards

  2. Hello Doug,

    I had the privilege of learning your prediction system in a class in San Diego some years back before I retired. It certainly saved me and my crew a lot of pain and grief on the Coyote Fire in 2003 near Warner Springs, CA. And again in 2008 on the Oliver and Piute Fires that July. In all those cases we were all able to employ the common language acquired in CPS and keep ourselves and others from being in harm’s way. The Yellow-o-meter always served us well. Thank you!

    I’ve been rereading Campbell Prediction System as I research a novel I’m pretending to write called “Burnover.” Some parts are based on the tragedy at the Loop Fire. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about equipment, and daily routines and things like tool order on Hotshot Crews in 1966. Hard to find that kind of info on the web.

    If that’s OK with you, then we can connect via email or by phone. I’ll transmit the number via email if we can talk on the phone.

    I hope this finds you well. I hope we’ll talk soon.


    Thom Morris
    San Diego Fire Department, Retired

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